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A life of learning is a wonderful thing, and we'd like to share with you some of what we're learning along the way. Maybe there's a nugget in here that will be useful to you. We also share our experiences through regular educational webinars on topics such as lead nurturing or telemarketing. Click on the webinars below for more info and to register.

2016 Webinar Series

OCTOBER 12: Understanding the Marketing Maturity Roadmap

ON DEMAND: Convert More Leads with an Optimized Calling Model

The Lead Lifecycle Imperative eBook

This ebook describes the changing dynamics between buyers and sellers, the impact on sales and marketing teams, and new approaches for business success. The Lead Lifecycle Imperative demonstrates how a technical foundation-including a targeted contact database and marketing automation tools-and a complete lead lifecycle management model enable marketing and sales teams to improve their contribution to sales-ready lead generation and revenue performance.

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